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New video shows Adam Jones altercation with police pre-arrest

More video evidence has been released of the night Adam Jones was arrested in downtown Cincinnati in January.

TMZ Sports has released new footage of Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones from January 3, 2017, the night of his most recent arrest.

In the video, Jones is acting relatively calmly while trying to figure out why he’s being arrested. You also see the person who he was with at the time of his arrest trying to reason with the police officer. The person who Jones allegedly assaulted inside the Millennium Hotel (the location of his arrest) is also seen in the video.

“You committed an offense, you don’t want to discuss it, I don’t have your side (of the story) do I? So yes, you’re under arrest,” the arresting officer says to Jones in the video. “Here’s what happened, he says you assaulted him, you say you don’t want to talk about it.”

At that point, Jones tries to say something, at which point the officer tells him to “stop yelling like a little kid.”

Jones asks multiple times what he’s being charged with, the answer to which was assault. The officer also later says that Jones’ behavior toward the officer was also going to be a reason for his arrest. Jones was read his Miranda rights during the video.

Jones' friend apologizes on his behalf, admits that they've been drinking, and tries to say he will get him in a car to go home. That doesn’t work as the officer continues to tell him that Jones is being arrested and going to jail.

The arresting officer admits he knew who Jones was, this his behavior was “out of control” and “unreasonable” and that “anyone else would get locked up for this”. The officer also references that he knew Jones had already been kicked out of the JACK Cincinnati Casino earlier that night. JACK is a sponsor of the Cincinnati Bengals.

This is not the first video evidence from the night of Jones’ arrest. There has already been a video released from inside the cop car, during which Jones got much angrier than he’s seen acting here. In the below video, Jones tells the police officer, to “suck my d***” and “I hope you die”. Jones also added that the officer is going to be out of a job due to arresting him.

There was also video released of Jones from jail and him being put in restraints.

As mentioned in the video released today, there should be more video eventually released of Jones’ actions inside the hotel. That video should show the reason the police were called originally. Jones also allegedly head butted and kicked a police officer who was arresting him, according to police documents, but that is not seen in any of the videos that have been released.

Jones is due back in court for a pretrial hearing on May 16. He faces three misdemeanor charges for assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing official business, in Ohio's Hamilton County. He was also originally charged with a felony for harassment with a bodily substance (for spitting on a jail nurse), but that charge has since been dropped. It’s possible the jail nurse is taking up her own civil suit against Jones.