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Herm Edwards: "No doubt" Bengals get calls about AJ McCarron

With the NFL Draft week here, McCarron trade talks are continuing and Herm Edwards says the Bengals will undoubtedly be receiving calls regarding their backup quarterback.

The Cincinnati Bengals seem content holding onto AJ McCarron as a backup quarterback for as long as they can.

But, with the NFL Draft nearly here, many analysts and reporters around the league believe the Bengals will be getting phone calls from teams interested in acquiring McCarron.

Herm Edwards joined Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg yesterday morning on Mike & Mike to discuss McCarron’s status with the Bengals.

“They’re going to get calls. There’s no doubt. If I’m the New York Jets I’m calling them. If I’m Cleveland, I’m calling them,” Edwards said of teams who should be interested in McCarron. The Browns of course make sense due to head coach Hue Jackson’s past with the Bengals, including coaching McCarron during the Bengals’ wild card playoff loss to the Steelers in January 2016, (while he was filling in as the starting quarterback due to Andy Dalton’s injury).

Ian Rapoport reported yesterday that the Bengals are still looking for “at least” a first round pick in exchange for McCarron. And Jim Owczarski added that the Browns hadn’t called as of last week.

Golic also said that he feels McCarron should want to get out of Cincinnati, which McCarron has essentially said. Earlier this week, McCarron was asked about his status with the Bengals. He said he’s “at peace” with remaining as the Bengals’ backup quarterback, but, also made it clear he wants a chance to be a starter in the NFL.

“I’m a huge competitor. I’ve always been that way. I want to play,” McCarron said via “But it’s something I can’t control. There’s no reason to worry about it because it spills into your life and it can affect your marriage and your relationships with people. I don’t want that. A lot of people wish they could be in my shoes and get the money we to get to play a game. I love it. I’m at peace with it.”

If McCarron is going to be traded, the most likely time for it to occur would be during the NFL Draft. If a team that’s seeking a quarterback misses out on the guy they want, it wouldn’t be surprising for the Bengals to receive a call or two regarding McCarron.