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Video: Grading Bengals’ selection of John Ross in Round 1

The Bengals’ offense is about to take flight. Are you ready for a wild ride?

The last time a move like this was made was 1998 when the Minnesota Vikings, who already featured Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter, added Randy Moss with the 21st pick in the first round of the 1998 NFL Draft.

The Vikings went from the 11th best offense in the NFL to the best offense in the NFL, set a record for points scored, and went 15-1. Don’t be shocked if the addition of John Ross to a Cincinnati Bengals team that already features A.J. Green, arguably the best receiver in the game, similarly propels the Bengals’ offense and overall team success in 2017.

In the following video, we provide analysis and grades for the Bengals’ selection of Ross:

John Sheeran fell in love when watching Ross last year with the Huskies, and says there is not a quarterback on this green earth that will be able to keep up with him. Not only does that translate on vertical routes, but it means he’ll be able to get separation regularly, as players lined up across from him lose confidence in their first steps and go in retreat mode. Meanwhile, Sports Dispute’s TV’s Jordan Harris is excited, but not sure Ross is the best fit in a conservative offense. Lastly, Dr. Hodgie thinks the selection could be a sign of changes to come.


After finishing 24th in points scored last year, where will the Bengals rank in 2017 with the addition of John Ross?

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