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NFL Draft Day 2017: Bengals Rounds 4-7 Discussion

With three first round caliber players selected, what will the rest of this draft shape up like for the Cincinnati Bengals?

The Bengals have now drafted three guys who each have the level of talent that could have gotten them drafted in the first round. Thankfully, that did not happen for two of them, and the team has drastically improved.

Bengals in the second round traded back with the Minnesota Vikings and got their second round pick and a fourth round pick in return. With that second round pick, much like everyone thought they would, they selected RB Joe Mixon. Whatever your thoughts are on the pick, it cannot be denied how good of a player he is on the field. The debate of his off the field issues have raged on for months so we may want to avoid going down that rabbit hole again, especially considering we are bound to hear it all year from the rest of the NFL.

With their third round pick, the Bengals decided to go with DE Jordan Willis, who was the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year. He is bound to bring pressure on the opposing QBs considering he will also share the line with Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, and Andrew Billings more than likely.

But there are still 4 rounds, 9 draft picks remaining. That breaks down as 3 fourth rounders and then 2 more each for the remaining rounds. There is still a lot of talent to grab and some spots of need that must be addressed. The question for you is, who do you want the Bengals to grab. We’ll be here all day for the final four rounds so don’t go away.

Let the discussion begin!