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Social media reaction to Bengals’ selection of J.J. Dielman in Round 5 of 2017 NFL Draft

The Bengals have added a versatile offensive lineman to the roster.

If there’s one thing we can say the Bengals love more than anything else, is it versatility?

Well, the team’s fifth round draft pick, J.J. Dielman out of Utah fits that bill as he comes to Cincinnati with experience as both a center and right tackle. Dielman unfortunately ended his last season of college with a foot injury and only played five games in 2016 after starting every game for the two years prior. The five games he did play were said to be impressive, (I admittedly have not watched the film yet).

Dieman was a three-star offensive guard recruit out of high school (added versatility) and is said to have impressive quickness, an ability to hold his ground and a nice lateral shuffle. On the negative side, his arm length isn’t great and he has a habit to fall off blocks. His play strength also needs some improvement, which is fixable and something Cedric Ogbuehi is working on this offseason, too.

Reactions are somewhat mixed to the pick, but, that’s to be expected as we get into the later rounds of the draft. With 12 draft selections this year, the Bengals are going to be taking some risks in these later rounds. Hopefully, Dielman pans out and is able to