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Undrafted free agency 2017: Bengals signing Oregon State OL Dustin Stanton, per report

The Bengals are adding a versatile lineman in undrafted free agency.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals are signing former Oregon State offensive lineman and tight end Dustin Stanton.

Stanton is a former tight end who converted to be an offensive lineman. The Bengals love versatility and Stanton REALLY has it.

Stanton played 30 games at Oregon State, 21 of which were played at right tackle and nine at right guard. He was a tight end when he came to Oregon State, but, was moved as a redshirt freshman. He has already graduated with a degree in business administration with an option in entrepreneurship

In 2016, he helped the Beavers set the OSU single-season rushing record with 5.2 yards per carry and was chosen as a team captain. He earned Pac-12 All-Academic First Team honors, which is nice to see from an undrafted player. Smarts help in the NFL.

Stanton visited the Bengals in the weeks leading up to the draft and blogged about his experience in Cincinnati.

"My workout with the Bengals went really well. We started off with film, which was awesome. We talked more about the Bengals' stuff, kind of learned some of their schemes and their terminology for things," Stanton wrote. "The workout was kind of status quo with all blocking schemes and pulling. I did a lot of snapping and long snapping for them, too. Coach (Robert) Couch was excited to see that I can play center and long snap as well, so it was good to show him that. He was happy with what he saw."