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Could John Ross beat Usain Bolt in a 40-yard dash? He wants to try

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John Ross is the fastest player in NFL according to his 4.22 40-yard dash, and now he wants to challenge Usain Bolt as the fastest human being on earth.

According to sports science, Ross has faster foot contact than Bolt. That's all I needed to hear.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ first round pick says he compares his speed to Bolt, known as the world’s fastest man and now Ross is challenging Bolt to a 40-yard dash.

If this 40-yard race between Ross and Bolt can somehow happen, I’m emptying my savings account on Ross. Sure, Bolt may be the fastest person on the planet, but he doesn’t play for the Cincinnati Bengals, so I have no choice but to go all in on Ross beating him in a race.

Some may perceive this as a bit cocky, but in reality, Ross is just having fun. Ross seems like a respectable, well intentioned guy. Although, I think Ross genuinely believes he could beat Bolt in a 40-yard dash, it comes from a place of self-confidence as opposed to arrogance.

Honestly, the idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Bolt probably wins in a 100-yard dash, but 40 yards is a little different. As Ross said in the video, Bolt has longer strides, but Ross has faster foot contact. Therefore, Ross may have the advantage in a short 40-yard dash race. Please, somebody make this happen.