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Carl Lawson scouting report: Talented injury risk

Can Carl Lawson be the pass rusher that the Bengals need?

The Bengals need a new defensive end, something that everyone on Cincy Jungle can agree on. With only two players currently on the defensive line who can generate any kind of pressure, getting a new pass-rusher is and should be a priority for the Bengals.

The biggest question comes down to when to take one. Some believe that the best place to take one would be in the first round grabbing Derek Barnett or Taco Charlton. However, there are others that believe it would be best to wait until Round 2 to grab a defensive end to get the best possible value.

Carl Lawson is one of the pass-rushers who may fall to the 41st pick in the draft and give the Bengals an impact defensive end in Round 2.

Position: Defensive end

School: Auburn

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 261 pounds

Arm Length: 31 1/2"

Hands: 10 3/8"

Lawson exploded onto the college scene this year after struggling with injuries in prior years. That leaves him as kind of an enigma to a number of NFL fans who don’t watch a lot of college football. I believe that in my scouting profile video I have done a good job evaluating what Lawson does well and how he can help the Bengals pass rush for the 2017 season.

I am trying out a new video editor so if you notice any problems with the video please tell me in the comments. I appreciate any and all feedback, thank you very much.