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How 2017 NFL Draft impacts fantasy football quarterbacks

We take an initial look at how the quarterbacks drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft project to perform in 2017 in terms of fantasy football.

NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

With the 2017 NFL Draft completed, we take an early look at how the notable selections at the quarterback position will affect the upcoming fantasy football season. Which rookies seem primed to make an instant impact on the fantasy world, and which ones look like they may not be very relevant in your 2017 season? Let’s take a look at Mitchell Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes and DeShone Kizer.

  • Mitchell Trubisky (Chicago) - With the Bears having just signed Mike Glennon to a big pile of money, many in the media are griping about this pick. But the selection of Trubisky makes a lot of sense for the Bears. Glennon is no sure thing as the long-term answer for the Bears, but is the answer this season. That allows the inexperienced Trubisky to sit and learn how to play the quarterback position at an NFL level before being forced into service prematurely. The Bengals did the same thing with Carson Palmer when Jon Kitna was the stop-gap solution, buying time for Palmer to get ready to take over as the starter. This is a good situation for Trubisky’s long term development, but makes him irrelevant in redraft fantasy leagues.

Fantasy option in 2017: Unlikely.

  • Deshaun Watson (Texans) - Watson becomes the most recent of four young, highly drafted quarterbacks to land in the AFC South, with Andrew Luck, Blake Bortles, and Marcus Mariota leading the other three teams in the division. And like the other three quarterbacks, he should be pressed into service immediately. Tom Savage and his zero career touchdown passes, on 92 career passing attempts, is currently the “starter”, but Watson should take over sometime in 2017, if not immediately. Watson lands in a good enough situation with a great receiver DeAndre Hopkins to throw to. In this rookie year Watson is likely nothing more than a deep backup fantasy quarterback who may be a late season option in larger leagues as an injury streaming option.

Fantasy option in 2017: Potential waiver wire addition.

  • Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) - With experienced veteran Alex Smith in front of him, Mahomes is in a situation much like Trubisky, where the fantasy production is likely non-existent in year one. But unlike Trubisky, if Mahomes is pressed into service, he at least has Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce to throw to. For this season, he is presently undraftable.

Fantasy option in 2017: Unlikely.

  • DeShone Kizer (Browns) - Barring injury, only two of the 10 quarterbacks drafted in 2017 have a chance to be starters this season - Watson and Kizer. The former Notre Dame signal caller finds himself on a roster full of quantity, but short on quality. Third and fifth round picks from last year, Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan are on the Browns’ roster, as is Brock Osweiler, who was so bad the Texans gave away draft picks for the Browns to take him off their hands. The Browns’ quarterback situation is likely going to be a revolving door in 2017, giving Kizer inconsistent fantasy value in 2017. At this point, he is undraftable, but may have slight value at some point this season.

Fantasy option in 2017: Potential waiver wire addition.