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Man involved in car crash with Adam Jones filed complaint with Bengals

The man whose car crashed into Adam Jones’ on Tuesday morning is speaking out regarding the accident and events that followed.

On Tuesday, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones got into a car accident that banged up his Rolls-Royce. The driver in the other car has come forward as an 18-year-old high school student and JROTC cadet, according to TMZ Sports.

The driver, Kylar Ruege, will not accept Jones’ apology for cursing and screaming at him, while acknowledging the Bengals cornerback offered an apology and invited him to “one of his training camps”. Reuge says he respectfully declined the invitation. He also said he apologized to Jones following the crash and made sure he was physically OK. But, Ruege says Jones didn’t seem to care about whether he was OK, and was only concerned with how badly his car was damaged.

Ruege says he was scared for his own safety after Jones started to get angry following the crash and recounts a witness who came over to “make sure things didn’t turn physical”.

Ruege’s parents filed a complaint with the Bengals regarding Jones’ behavior following the accident.

"Lives are more important than cars,” Ruege said in offering a message to Jones. “You may be able to replace your car, but, if I were to get into an accident dying, or somebody else, you just won’t be able to replace their life.”