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Watch every 2017 Bengals draft selection and reactions as picks were made

Check out the reactions from and to the draft picks and commentary from NFL Network for all 11 of the Bengals’ 2017 draft picks.

What did the NFL Network analysts have to say about the Cincinnati Bengals’ 11 draft picks immediately after their selections in the 2017 NFL Draft?

A Reddit user went through to grab the reactions and selections for every pick in the draft. Here’s a look at the Bengals’ picks’ announcements and reactions. Many of the video clips also include highlights of the Bengals rookies, which are fun to watch and get excited from.

Round 1, Pick 9, John Ross, WR

Round 2, Pick 48, Joe Mixon, RB (announced by Anthony Munoz)

Round 3, Pick 73, Jordan Willis, OLB (announced by Vincent Rey)

Round 4, Pick 116, Carl Lawson, OLB

Round 4, Pick 128, Josh Malone, WR

Round 4, Pick 138, Ryan Glasgow, DT

Round 5, Pick 153, Jake Elliott, K (announced by Jim Breech)

Round 5, Pick 176, J.J. Dielman, C (announced by John Stofa)

Round 6, Pick 193, Jordan Evans, LB

Round 6, Pick 207, Brandon Wilson, RB

Round 7, Pick 251, Mason Schreck, TE