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Marvin Lewis says Bengals players not concerned about his contract status

Will Lewis get another one-year extension in 2017? Or, will he actually coach through the final year of his current head coaching contract with the Cincinnati Bengals?

Will Marvin Lewis coach through the final year of his contract with the Cincinnati Bengals?

That’s one of the biggest questions surrounding the Bengals this offseason as Lewis is set to be a lame duck coach in 2017. Lewis has received one-year extensions annually for the last four years, but, there’s a lot of uncertainty as to whether the same will occur this offseason after the Bengals missed the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

In an appearance on the NFL No Huddle podcast, Lewis was asked by co-host Brian Webber about his thoughts on whether the players will be impacted by him coaching through the final year of his contract without an extension.

“Most importantly, what people don’t get is in the NFL, the players worry about their future every day,” Lewis responded. “So there is no parallel with myself and them. And yes I have gone into the last year, three or four times here and that’s part of the process. No, they don’t have any concern for me.”

Despite saying that, I’d think it’s fair to say some players are concerned about Lewis’ future, just as a few spoke out toward the end of the 2016 season when rumors were swirling about Lewis getting fired.

“Their concern is themselves and us winning football games,” Lewis added. “That’s what’s important. As I tell them all the time, if they win then good things will happen for them and that’s the thing that’s most important for an NFL player. Don’t be concerned with the things you can’t control. You just handle your business, take care of your things and great things will happen. That’s the best thing for the players to always understand moving forward. As coaches know, we get into this business all the time and that’s what takes care of it.”

Earlier this offseason, Lewis admitted that he would like to receive a contract extension this offseason, though, he's said differently in varying interviews.

It wouldn’t be all that surprising for Lewis to receive a contract extension any day now. But, if he does in fact coach through the 2017 season, that may indicate his seat is hotter than ever and that the Bengals truly are in win-now mode.