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Andy Dalton talks playoffs, life after the NFL and more on A.J. Hawk’s podcast

Check out this great listen as Andy Dalton and A.J. Hawk discuss the Bengals, the team’s annual training camp volleyball tournament, life after the NFL and happenings across the league.

Andy Dalton recently joined former Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals linebacker A.J. Hawk on his podcast, The HawkCast with A.J. Hawk.

The two former teammates had a great discussion that included Dalton’s 2015 injury, switching offensive coordinators three times in his young NFL career, the precaution that goes into being “mic’d up” in the NFL and much more.

Hawk brought up the Bengals’ annual volleyball tournament that the team takes part in during training camp. Hawk was a volleyball captain during his one season with the Bengals and drafted Dalton and tight end Tyler Eifert to his team. The trio went on to win the tournament, beating out all other Bengals on the 2015 roster. Hawk recounted his competitive nature and how hard they fought to win.

When Hawk asked Dalton about his infamous 2015 thumb injury, Dalton said he would have tried to play in the next week’s playoff game had the Bengals beat the Steelers in the Wild Card game. He admitted it wouldn’t have been all too likely though and that he didn’t end up throwing a football until March, once he didn’t need to push the healing process.

Regarding the playoffs, Dalton discussed how everyone in Cincinnati knows they need to win in the playoffs.

“Everyone in the NFL right now is saying the goal is the Super Bowl, but we’ve just got to be playing our best football at the end of the year,” Dalton said. “We haven’t won a playoff game since the early 90s, so it’s something we’re striving to get done.”

Dalton admitted he does think it will validate both Marvin Lewis’ time in Cincinnati, as well as his own if the team finally wins a playoff game. He also said he’d prefer winning a Super Bowl to getting into the Hall of Fame as winning the Super Bowl is something you do with your team. Though, Dalton acknowledged it would be great to both win a Super Bowl and get into the Hall of Fame.

Dalton also said he has no plans to go into the NFL coaching ranks after his playing days are over, referencing his family and the time commitment coaches take on. Though, Dalton said his future is in the future and that he’s not really thinking about life after football.

On a similar topic, Dalton and Hawk discussed Tony Romo’s decision to go into the broadcasting injury and leave his playing days behind.

“Obviously, he can talk the game of football, he obviously has got that going for him and I think he’s got the right personality for it... I think you’ll see him get better as the season goes on though,” Dalton said of Romo’s career change. “I think it was a good retirement plan for him.”

Hawk isn’t so sure Romo’s retirement from the league is permanent.

Check out the full podcast above.