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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: 5/25 live stream

OTAs have started and there are already many takeaways to assess with this revamped Bengals team. Join Scott Schulze and Anthony Cosenza live for the OBI podcast!

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As we approach the month of June, excitement around the NFL’s respective fan bases is heating up. Not only are teams hitting the field for the first practices, but everyone is getting their first looks at the exciting rookies brought in a month ago.

Another staple on the NFL calendar this time of year is the re-assessment of league rules. The NFL announced this week that some tweaks will be made to overtime in pro football games, while penalties on celebrations will be more relaxed, hopefully moving away from the “No Fun League” stigma.

On this week’s Orange and Black Insider podcast, Scott Schulze and I talk about these topics and take a peek at the Bengals’ schedule once again, given the influx of rookie talent they amassed in April.

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