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Bengals set roster numbers for 2017 NFL Draft class

John Ross will wear No. 15, but what about the rest of his draft class? Joe Mixon has already changed numbers after being photographer with No. 34 last week.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-John Ross Press Conference Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have announced the uniform numbers for their 2017 NFL Draft class.

John Ross

Wide receiver John Ross, who was selected with the No. 9 overall pick, will wear No. 15. One of the most notable Bengals to wear that number was Chris Henry, who donned it for five years before tragically passing away.

Joe Mixon

Running back Joe Mixon, who was the team’s second-round draft pick, will wear No. 28. That’s the number Corey Dillon wore in the late 90s and early 2000s while setting several franchise records that still stand today. Mixon has the kind of talent to set some of his own records. Of note, Mixon originally donned a No. 34 jersey last week, but, has changed course.

Jordan Willis

Defensive end Jordan Willis, who was Cincinnati’s third-round selection, will wear No. 99. That’s what Margus Hunt most recently wore before leaving to sign with the Colts this offseason. Let’s hope Willis’ career is far more productive.

Carl Lawson

Outside linebacker Carl Lawson, the first of Cincinnati’s three fourth-round picks, will wear No. 58. There was some question as to whether Lawson would be a defensive end — which requires a number in the 60-90 range — or if he’d be a linebacker. It looks like it will be the latter, which makes Lawson’s fit in Cincinnati’s 4-3 defense a bit murky.

Josh Malone

Wide receiver Josh Malone, the team’s second fourth-round selection, will wear No. 80. That number has been worn by Carl Pickens and Cris Collinsworth, who are among the franchise leaders in nearly every receiving category.

Ryan Glasgow

Defensive tackle Ryan Glasgow, who was Cincinnati’s final fourth-round pick, will wear No. 67. Perhaps the greatest Bengals to ever wear No. 67 was defensive lineman Gary Burley, who had a great career in the 70s.

Jake Elliott

Kicker Jake Elliott, who was the first of two fifth-round draft selections, will wear the No. 3. That’s the same number Jim Breech once held was setting a number of franchise kicking records. Elliott will hopefully do the same and fix the Bengals’ recent kicking woes.

J.J. Dielman

Offensive lineman J.J. Dielman, who was the second of two fifth-round selections, was given the No. 64. That was the number Kyle Cook has most recently donned as he had a productive career as Cincinnati’s starting center. Perhaps Dielman will do the same and replace the enigmatic Russell Bodine in the process.

Jordan Evans

Outside linebacker Jordan Evans, the first of two sixth-round picks, will wear No. 50. Bengals great James Francis is probably the best Bengal to ever wear that number in Cincinnati, and Evans hopes to carve out a similar career.

Brandon Wilson

Defensive back Brandon Wilson, the team’s second sixth-round pick, will wear No. 40. He’s also listed as a safety after being previously listed as a running back on the team’s official website. In college, he played cornerback. As it turns out, 40 is a number running backs, safeties and linebackers can wear, so this won’t give much of a hint as to how the Bengals will ultimately use Wilson.

Mason Schreck

Tight end Mason Schreck, who was Cincinnati’s final draft pick, will wear No. 86. James Wright is who most recently wore that number, but he was cut this offseason, paving the way for Schreck to take it over for the time being.