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Bengals WR A.J. Green wants to play for at least 7 more years

In the next seven years, Green has one goal above all others: a Super Bowl victory.

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NFL: Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is one of the NFL’s best players.

Entering his seventh year with the Bengals, he has no plans of slowing down and he revealed this week he plans to play at least another seven seasons.

“Another seven years,” he said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Give me another extension and after that, I’ll ride into the sunset.”

Green, who is currently under contract through the 2019 season, had more to say after an OTA practice this week about his future in the NFL.

“They might move me into the slot after I’m 36," he added with a smile on his face while talking about his goals in the NFL. Green is currently 28-years-old and will turn 29 in July.

Another goal of Green’s is winning a Super Bowl, which he says he needs one of.

“One Super Bowl, that’s all I need,” Green said. “That’s the only number that matters. That’s alI I need. One is good.”

Two would probably be even better than one...but, let’s not get ahead of ourselves as the Bengals have never won a Super Bowl in their now 50 year history, and haven’t even won a playoff game in 27 years.

As far as personal goals, Green is eyeing 15,000 receiving yards.

“The magic number is probably 15,000, 16,000,” Green said via “I would love to do that. … It would be in the conversation.”

What conversation, you ask? The Pro Football Hall of Fame conversation.

“I do sometimes,” Green said when asked if he thinks about making it into the Hall of Fame. “I just look at the guys who are going to make it and look at their numbers, but that’s something I don’t really look into. I look at a lot of the guys’ numbers who are in.”

Green is on pace to make it to Canton, but that Super Bowl he’s seeking would greatly help his candidacy. Green was set for a career-season in many receiving categories last year before a hamstring injury derailed his season and forced him to miss the final six games of the year.

Returning from injury after a disappointing (for a perennial Pro Bowler like Green) season, in which the Bengals star receiver failed to reach 1,000 receiving yards for the first time in his career, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton says Green looks better than ever. (And to clarify, Green had an amazing season when on the field in 2016, it was just a let down for Green himself, Bengals fans and coaches that he couldn’t finish the season on-the-field.)

“I would say he’s better than he’s been,” Dalton said following Tuesday’s practice. “It’s the best shape he’s been in, probably. He’s fast, he’s big. He’s been doing it all. Even if you said he was the same, that’s really good.”

If you’re wondering, Dalton said he’d like to play in the NFL for another 10 seasons.

It sounds like both Green and Dalton will be playing in the NFL —and hopefully for the Bengals— as long as they’re healthy and still playing at a high level.

“I’m going to play as long as I can,” Green said.

And for that, Bengals fans should be thrilled.