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Game: Decode the sentence to find the NFL quarterback

Can you find the hidden last names of quarterbacks who played during the 2016 NFL season?

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

What should you do during the boring NFL offseason? How about play a fun NFL-themed game?

The last names of 18 quarterbacks who played during the 2016 NFL season are hidden in the sentences below. Can you find them and decode the sentences?

A quick explanation on how to play: Ignore all spaces and punctuation. Look for consecutive strings of letters that form the last names of NFL quarterbacks who played during the 2016 season.

For example, in the following sentence, you can find the last name Kitna, as in former Bengals quarterback Jon Kitna.

He loved the book. It named all of the main players involved in hijacking the country’s monetary system to control by privately owned central banks.

If the quiz below doesn’t work for you, you can play it here.

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