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Getting to know the social side of Bengals rookie RB Joe Mixon

Mixon is a family man, has had some interesting haircuts and loves his teammates and the sport of football.

We all know about what an incredible talent Joe Mixon is on-the-field and much has been made about the negative side of his off-the-field past.

But, let’s get to know Mixon in a more personal way, through the lense of social media. That’s somewhat contradictory, as social media is so public, but you can tell a lot about a person by how they represent themselves on social media. From Twitter and Instagram, you can see Mixon spends a lot of time with his family and friends, as well as how much he loves football and his teammates.

He’s a family man.


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He’s lost with the Bengals before... in Madden. Or maybe, he beat the Bengals... It’s not too clear, but moving forward, he’ll be helping the team win!

Mixon knows former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Mixon will be working out with All Pro and former Sooners running back Adrian Peterson this offseason, but way back in his high school days, Mixon just wanted some recognition from the NFL star.

Back in 2012, Mixon was invited to the U.S. Army National Combine and All-American Bowl. National Combine alumni include Cam Newton, Patrick Peterson, Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy, Matthew Stafford, LeSean McCoy, DeMarco Murray, Percy Harvin, and C.J. Mosley.

In 2012, he visited the Colts’ practice facilities and predicted he’d one day be in the NFL. One of his first NFL road trips will be returning to Indianapolis for Week 4 of the preseason.

Mixon also played basketball in high school.

Mixon received more than 30 offers to join NCAA football teams, essentially one from every top school, including Alabama, Washington (he could have been teammates with John Ross!), Arizona, Auburn, Notre Dame and Ohio State.

He’s a golfer, which will help him fit in seamlessly with a Bengals locker room that loves to golf.

He has a big football tattoo.

He once had long hair, though, those days are (long) gone.

He’s dedicated to his teammates and coaches.

Here’s the note he wrote when Bob Stoops announced he was retiring last week as Oklahoma’s head coach.

As for another letter, here’s what Mixon wrote to Oklahoma fans when declaring for this year’s NFL Draft.

Check out this one-handed catch!

He already has quite a few NFL friends, including Marshawn Lynch and C.J. Anderson.

He also took a picture with Leonard Fournette, the first running back selected this year, back in April, leading up to the draft.

He attended Oklahoma’s spring game with Peterson and fellow NFL rookie running back out of Oklahoma, Samaje Perine, who went to the Redskins in Round 4.

But now, he’s a Bengal!

And he’s already making noise for all the right reasons, both on- and off-the-field.