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Getting to know the social-side of Bengals rookie WR John Ross

John Ross has a bunch of famous friends, is a family-man and once used a photo of an injured Adam Jones to make a joke. Here’s a look at the personal side of the Bengals’ Round 1 draft pick.

We know all about Cincinnati Bengals first round draft pick John Ross as a football player. He is super fast (4.22 second 40-yard dash speed) and racked up 1,729 receiving yards and 22 receiving touchdowns as well as 195 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns in three seasons at Washington.

But, what about the personal side of Ross?

Did you know he’s still attending classes at Washington ahead of his June 10 graduation?

With a look through his social media accounts, I found this Tweet, in which he used a photo of his new teammate Adam Jones to make a joke.

So, let’s see what else we can learn about the Bengals’ speedy receiver via the lens of social media.

He’s a family man!

Squad! Moms auntie lil bro

A post shared by John Ross III (@_jross3) on

His brother plays football, too.

When he was young, he played in Snoop Dogg’s youth football league after the rapper discovered him (and his speed) in a parking lot. Back then, he was a running back.

But Snoop Dogg isn’t his only famous friend. He also counts Desean Jackson among his friends and mentors.

And, many people have compared the two...

He’s no stranger to fancy hairdos.

@quiknikbraids Came to get me right before this pac 12 championship!

A post shared by John Ross III (@_jross3) on

He was a cute little kid!

He’s had a hard time deciding on an NFL team; but hopefully the Bengals made the permanent decision an easy one for him...

Check out his high school ID card:

He was a fan of the black Power Ranger.

The sneakers he wore for his record-setting 40-yard dash were pretty awesome.

Nike gifted him these kicks afterward:

Here’s a look at his Sports Science feature from ESPN:

Check out Ross in the hours — and moments — leading up to the Bengals calling him to let him know he would be the team’s Round 1 draft pick.

Now, he’s a Bengal!

Ross has quickly made some NFL friends. Here, he’s at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere with Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and former NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

Rookie premier w/ two 's and my pup!

A post shared by John Ross III (@_jross3) on

He also taught Joe Mixon a thing or two about Connect4:

But most importantly, he’s now a member of the Bengals!

And with that, we can get back to discussing him as a football player.