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A.J. Green says his relationship with Andy Dalton is getting better each year

The Bengals’ quarterback and wide receiver are bonding over their young children.

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Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are among the NFL’s best quarterback-wide receiver duos.

The pair entered the NFL together when selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2011 NFL DraftGreen in Round 1 and Dalton in Round 2. Together, the two have experienced many highs and lows, including five straight winning seasons and five playoff appearances in six years. Last year was one of the lows as Green was injured and the team finished with the ninth worst record in the NFL.

But, the QB-WR connection should continue to grow and prosper for years to come. Dalton is under contract through 2020 and Green through 2019.

One thing that has brought the two Bengals closer together is their children. Dalton just has his second son this offseason, while Green became a first-time dad during the 2016 NFL season.

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“We came in together, and now our relationship is getting better each year,” Green told ESPN. “It’s definitely better now with the kids because now I can relate ... We talk about little stuff like that. It’s gotten much better.”

Dalton is surely enjoying life as a dad of two. The Bengals quarterback talked about how special it is to have children growing up with a dad in the NFL.

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“I think you realize the opportunities that we have and how special it is, that my kids are going to get to grow up being in an NFL locker room, kind of running around,” Dalton said. “I’m not trying to take any of this for granted because not many people get this opportunity. It’s kind of cool that my boys are going to get the opportunity to be around this.”

Dalton’s son Noah turns three on July 1, so he’s not exactly new to fatherhood, but he says adding a second child into the mix is a new experience.

“It’s [totally different]," Dalton said of having a second child. “But Noah, he’s made it easy on us. He’s such a good kid that he makes it easy. And now that Nash is sleeping through the night, that changes things.”

As for Green, he can’t imagine having a second child, though he does want to have one pretty soon.

“I can’t imagine having two. I’ll be like, ‘What do I do with two of these things?’” Green said. “We’re going to wait until he’s 2 and then we’re going to try again. My wife is good with one, but I need one more.”

Anything that further bonds Dalton and Green is a good thing in my book.