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If Bengals were superheroes, which would they be?

Our favorite Bengals may not actually be superheroes, but sometimes it is hard to tell for sure.

5 Bengals Superhero Comparisons

Football players are the elite of the elite in terms of athleticism; it is rare for a player who isn’t a freak athletically to make it to the NFL. That can make it sometimes seem like NFL players aren’t exactly human. With that in mind, we took a look at five Bengals players and picked the superhero they best compare to. Technically, one of them isn’t actually a superhero, but he is the perfect comparison.

Andy Dalton and Aquaman:

Aquaman is one of the more hated on superheroes and Andy Dalton is often receiving less than his fair share of praise. Aquaman may not be the most respected superhero, but he has a lot of power. Similarly, Dalton is a very talented quarterback who is underappreciated and hated on by the general football fan outside of Cincinnati. His powers may be underestimated now, but he can use his talent to win big games and convince people of his ability, much like we saw in 2015.

Carlos Dunlap and Captain America

Captain America was born just a regular guy who wasn’t really special in any way. With the Super Soldier program though, he was transformed into the perfect soldier. Sometimes when you look at Dunlap and his huge frame you think he must’ve been made in a lab specifically for rushing the quarterback. On top of that, Dunlap is a great guy in the community who is constantly looking out for others and trying to help people, which is also reminiscent of Captain America.

Vontaze Burfict and The Punisher

The Punisher’s methods are not something that all heroes agree on and it causes some heroes to not like him very much. He also is misunderstood as a character, which could also be said of Burfict. Some people inaccurately think he’s a bad guy off the field, but he is really a great guy who helps his community and never gets into trouble. The most obvious comparison between the two in that they strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.

A.J. Green and Mr. Fantastic

This comparison is fairly straightforward, sometimes when Green makes a catch, you think he must have stretchy arms or stretchy fingers so he can stretch around the ball to make the grab. Of course he doesn’t actually have the ability to stretch out any part of his body. We can only imagine if he did, the Bengals wouldn’t even need any other wide receivers, as Dalton could just throw it up to Green in quadruple coverage on every single play. Imagine that...

Geno Atkins and Juggernaut

Juggernaut has super strength and near invincibility, but that is not the real reason he compares to Atkins, even if those would be good reasons on their own. The biggest part of Juggernaut’s powers is his unstoppable momentum. When he gets going, absolutely nothing can get in his way. Atkins possesses that same trait as when he gets going, opposing teams’ offensive lineman can rarely stay in his way for long. Atkins bulldozes over linemen, making it look easy, on his path to the quarterback.