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Bengals will travel less than every team but Steelers in 2017

The Bengals will travel 7,652 miles during the 2017 regular season.

The Cincinnati Bengals did quite a bit of traveling last year.

Instead of the normal eight road games NFL teams play each year (plus two in the preseason) the Bengals traveled to London, England in 2016 for a “home game”, marking nine road trips during the regular season.

In addition to the London trip, the Bengals took two trips to New York, and one each to Dallas, New England,Houston Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Baltimore in 2016. Even with the London game, the Bengals traveled just 16,866 miles last year, which ranked 13th least (20th most) in the NFL.

This year, the Bengals will travel less than half the total miles amassed last year, and actually will rack up more mileage than only one team: the Pittsburgh Steelers. For the second year in a row and third time in the last four years, the Steelers will travel the least distance of every NFL team.

Delta Air Lines has supplied the distances each team will travel in 2017:

1. Los Angeles Rams: 32,498

2. Arizona Cardinals: 30,422

3. Oakland Raiders: 29,048

4. Miami Dolphins: 27,458

5. Los Angeles Chargers: 26,866

6. Seattle Seahawks: 25,688

7. Jacksonville Jaguars: 25,300

8. San Francisco 49ers: 24,056

9. New York Giants: 22,954

10. New Orleans Saints: 22,000

11. Washington Redskins: 20,698

12. Philadelphia Eagles: 20,286

13. Denver Broncos: 18,808

14. New England Patriots: 18,664

15. Houston Texans: 18,518

16. Baltimore Ravens: 18,452

17. Dallas Cowboys: 18,014

18. Minnesota Vikings: 17,196

19. New York Jets: 16,564

20. Cleveland Browns: 16,382

21. Kansas City Chiefs: 15,820

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 13,864

23. Buffalo Bills: 13,216

24. Indianapolis Colts: 13,026

25. Tennessee Titans: 13,024

26. Atlanta Falcons: 12,248

27. Carolina Panthers: 12,056

28. Chicago Bears: 8,302

29. Detroit Lions: 8,164

30. Green Bay Packers: 8,062

31. Cincinnati Bengals: 7,652

32. Pittsburgh Steelers: 6,790

West coast teams take up six of the top eight spots on the list while the bottom five teams are all pretty close to each other in the northeast/midwest area, and all play each other this year.

The 7,652 miles the Bengals will travel this year will be spent going to Green Bay, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Denver, Minnesota and Baltimore, in that order.

Lack of travel distance may be a small and somewhat irrelevant factor in an NFL season, but it’s certainly better to travel less than more.