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Bengals enjoying and embracing Olympics-style team-building competition

The Bengals had some fun during their final OTA session.

For the final day of Cincinnati Bengals OTAs, the team took a little break from the on-field competition to add a fun and friendly off-field competition.

Before mandatory minicamp begins next week, Marvin Lewis opted for some team bonding through a series of competitive games and events. Andy Dalton was happy to see a change up that offered the team an opportunity to have some athletic but non-football competitions.

“We’re splitting up into teams and we’re going to do a bunch of different activities here, one will be basketball, an obstacle course, a couple of things that we’ll have this competition between everybody,” Dalton told Dayton Daily News.

The events took place Thursday, and they featured an Olympics style competition with three-point shooting, tug of war, and 300-pound linemen catching 80 yard punts, among other things.

Dalton, Geno Atkins, and Cedric Peerman were the captains of the orange team, while A.J. Green, Clint Boling, and Vincent Rey were captains of the black team. (That could be a hint at some of this year’s team captains, too.)

The basketball competition was something Dalton was especially good at. He hit 11 three-pointers, which was the most of anyone, according to Carlos Dunlap. Green was no slouch himself with nine made threes.

(Videos from Vontaze Burfict on Instagram.)

The iron was not as kind to Pat Sims, who was on the orange team. The mammoth lineman bricked around 10 shots in a row during his turn. Even so, Dalton was happy to see his teammates bonding in a different way.

“It’s team bonding and it’s fun for everyone, too, because you’re competing, cheering your guys on,” Dalton said. “It makes it fun, and it’s a good end to OTAs.”

Rey had a pretty good strategy as captain in forming his team: Take the linebackers, who usually are among the most complete athletes on a football team.

“My strategy was to take the linebackers,” said Rey. “I feel we’re just as athletic, but we’re also tough and strong.”

Here are some pictures of the various events, courtesy of Bengals players’ Instagram accounts:

Derron Smith
Brandon Wilson
Carlos Dunlap
Brandon Wilson
Carlos Dunlap
Carlos Dunlap