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7 fun facts with Bengals rookie Brandon Wilson

The triple-threat rookie spoke with Cincy Jungle to share some of his favorite things.

Houston v Oklahoma Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals have only traded up in the NFL draft four times in the team’s 50 year history and the fourth occurrence was in 2017 to scoop up Houston defensive back/running back Brandon Wilson.

Wilson played offense, defense and special teams at Houston and scored touchdowns in all three phases of the game while in college. The Bengals love versatility and Wilson, a former teammate and position mate of 2016 first round pick William Jackson III, fits the bill.

We spoke with the Bengals rookie, who’s being listed as a safety on the team roster, to hear about some of his favorite things and better get to know the sixth round pick.

Favorite food: Fried Shrimp.

Favorite movie: Law Abiding Citizen and Transformers. I’ve watched every last one of them.

Favorite TV show: Power

Favorite place you’ve traveled to: Florida, I like going to the beach, relaxing and chilling.

Favorite singer: Drake

Favorite Cincinnati restaurant: Ruth’s Chris. I went there for the first time it was really good, I had some cheesecake it was so so good; I gotta go back.

Favorite NFL player? Adrian Peterson. Just because he’s an explosive running back. He’s just one of those hard core guys.

Look out for more from our conversation with Brandon later this week on Cincy Jungle!