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Did NFL get it right with Bengals CB Adam Jones’ suspension?

Does the punishment fit the crime?

NFL: Adam Jones Archive Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has suspended Adam Jones for one game to start the 2017 NFL season. It will come in Week 1 when the Cincinnati Bengals host the Baltimore Ravens. The suspension is pending an appeal, if Jones seeks one, which must be initiated within three days.

Though, the Bengals released a statement making it seem like Jones will not seek out an appeal and will accept the decision:

The Bengals anticipated this result and are glad to finally put the matter behind us. Our focus is on getting ready for the upcoming season. Adam will participate in training camp and we are counting on him to help our team when he returns from suspension.

Jones has been in the news for much of the offseason due to his arrest as a result of an incident in downtown Cincinnati on January 3, 2017. Jones allegedly pushed and poked in the eye a hotel security employee, then resisted arrest while kicking and head butting police officers in the process. He then allegedly spit on a jail nurse and jail guard. Jones eventually plead guilty to obstructing official business, a second-degree misdemeanor offense.

As bad as this arrest looks, not to mention video of Jones berating and threatening a police officer, the Bengals chose to keep Jones on the roster, and owner Mike Brown even voiced his public support for Jones.

Still, the crime was just one of many infractions Jones has committed throughout his NFL career. It was Jones' fourth arrest in his seven years with the Bengals and his 10th arrest in the last 12 years while in the NFL.

That would seemingly mean a longer punishment for Jones, who got off with just a one-game suspension. The NFL has made it clear many times they will suspend players longer if they’re repeat offenders, whether it be the personal conduct policy, player safety rules or the substance abuse policy.

Heck, if Vontaze Burfict gets a three-game suspension for his player safety infractions, one would think Jones would at least get that for multiple off-field incidents like this. This is Jones’ third NFL suspension and the first was a full year-long suspension.

But Jones has rehabbed his image enough during his career with the Bengals to think this incident shouldn’t be lumped on top of his previous infections when considering punishment. It has been a long time since his last suspension in 2008, after all.


Is a one-game suspension fair for Adam Jones?

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