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Adam Jones won’t appeal 1-game suspension

Adam Jones has decided to accept the suspension handed down to him by the NFL. He also says Mike Brown and the media have motivated him for this season.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Adam Jones is going to accept his one game suspension tied to violating the NFL conduct policy.

Jones was arrested on January 3rd, 2017 in downtown Cincinnati and ended up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge for disorderly conduct.

This is news after reports surfaced that Jones would appeal the suspension. Those reports were surprising because it seemed Jones got a fairly light suspension considering his history with the league office.

In the Bengals locker room this morning, Jones went on to talk about his appreciation for Bengals owner, Mike Brown, and also the media fueling him. He also is pretty optimistic about how much longer he will be playing football.

It is great to hear he is so motivated to play next season.

“Motivation for me is through the roof,” Jones said, via Mark Slaughter of WLWT. “When you have a guy that stands up for you. That sticks up for the players. I haven’t been around a guy like that in my lifetime, speaking of Mr. Brown. I’m very eager to be the best, and make sure our group is the best. I’m very eager to lead by example, and be the best that we can be. We got a lot of talent here, a lot of young guys that can play a lot of good football. I’m eager to put the pressure on myself to lead the other guys to be better.”

Brown also recently spoke about his decision to support and keep Jones on the roster.

“I’m not going to say something wasn’t discussed, something wasn’t considered,” Brown said, via Joe Kay of the Associated Press. “But what we did is what we did, and I’ll take responsibility for it. We’ll see how it turns out in the end. It if turns out well, I’ll be pleased. If it doesn’t, then blame me.”

Fans and the media will be very willing to hold Brown accountable for the decision if it doesn’t work out.

It makes sense that Jones would also use the media as fuel. After the arrest, plenty of fans and media outlets were very critical of Jones, who has encountered various troubles since joining the NFL, including his role in the collapse during the Wild Card game against the Steelers.

Overall, it is probably wise of Jones to just accept this one game suspension. There wouldn’t be much to gain from the appeal process, and this way the team and players can plan accordingly with plenty of time.

As it stand right now Darqueze Dennard and William Jackson are competing for Jones’ starting spot for Week 1, and it will be one of the most interesting competitions to watch during training camp and the preseason.