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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Alternate realities

On this week’s episode, the OBI crew gives a Bengals history lesson, while also asking some tough hypothetical questions about the time period. We also answered listener questions about a myriad of topics. Download the show today!

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While we wait for 2017 training camp to commence, we thought it was time for a review of a critical point in Cincinnati Bengals history. With some big help from Jim Owczarski of The Cincinnati Enquirer and his recent series reviewing 50 years of Bengals history, we decided to revisit a critical decision Paul Brown made more than 40 years ago on this week’s episode of The Orange and Black Insider.

Instead of handing over the reins of the team to Bill Walsh after his retirement, Brown went with what he felt was the safer route and hired Bill “Tiger” Johnson as the head coach. On the surface, one could easily say that Walsh would have been the better option for the Bengals, but as Scott pointed out on the program, there were actually quite a few parallels between the two coaches, in terms of successes and failures, from 1976 up until about 1984.

And, as most fans know, after Johnson is when Sam Wyche became the team’s coach. Even though Wyche had quite the decorated career with Cincinnati, Walsh’s career was beginning to peak at that time. Along with asking some interesting hypothetical questions about the Bengals and Walsh, all of the connections between he, Wyche and the Bengals remain crazily intertwined.

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