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NFL Preseason Week 1 2017: Thursday Night Football

More preseason games for your enjoyment

Besides the Hall-of-Fame game from last week, which never needs to be counted as part of the real NFL preseason, we got our first taste of NFL action last night. The good news, is there are many more games for your entertainment on tonight.

The teams to keep an eye on for this evening would include the Patriots, the Falcons, and our AFC North constituents, the Browns and the Ravens. Will players like Rex Burkhead and Brandon Cooks make any noise this evening? How about Takkarist McKinley? Maybe we will whether the losses that the Ravens have suffered over the offseason and training camp will be apparent or if they will be poised to make a run for the playoffs. Perhaps the Browns will finally show some promise and the number one overall draft pick of Myles Garrett, who is being called a generational player, will live up to his hype.

The games begin tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET, so grab your popcorn and your koozied beverage of choice and look your eyes on that television for the next few hours. Oh, and don’t forget to chat it up with the rest of us on here.

Let the discussion begin!