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NFL Preseason Week 1 2017: Saturday Night Football

The Bengals game may have come and gone, but there is still more Week 1 action to enjoy

Well, we all got the pleasure of watching our beloved Bengals last night and it was so good just to have that piece of our lives return, no matter what joy or torment it may bring us in the future. That is over for this week, but it doesn’t mean there is not more football to watch. Why not partake in the overloaded meal that is NFL entertainment?

Tonight, we get to see if three teams - the Cowboys, Raiders, and Titans - who had much improved seasons last year, are actually the real deal or if it was all phony. Will the devastating leg injuries sustained by Marcus Mariota and Derek Carr at the end of last season prove to cripple their chances of stardom once again or will they gain a leg up on their competition and prove that nothing will stand in their way of winning? Will we see whether Dak Prescott is everything we saw him to be last season or will the increased responsibility weigh him down physically and mentally? And can we give some props to the offensive lines of these three teams who had a large hand in their successes of last season.

The games begin at 7:30 p.m. ET, starting with the Titans taking on the Jest... pardon me, the Jets.

Let the discussion begin!