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Bengals training camp Day 6: Highlights, videos and pictures

Joe Mixon’s injury was the big news of the day, but it sounds like he’s going to be fine!

Injuries were unfortunately the big story of Day 6 of Cincinnati Bengals training camp as Joe Mixon got banged up and P.J. Dawson was seen with his arm in a cast.

Mixon, the bigger story of the two, injured his heel while in a drill. He shook it off and returned for the next play, but shortly after went over to the sidelines to get medical attention. He ended up sitting on a cart with ice on his ankle/foot and was able to walk on the sidelines, though some noticed a limp. The injury is definitely not serious and he reportedly just had a cut on his heel. He may miss some time, but this is definitely nothing to worry about! (Whew!)

As for Dawson, he is dealing with a new injury, though it’s unknown when it occurred. His arm was in a sling and cast on Thursday, though he did take the sling off at times during practice when seen on the sidelines. That’s not good news for the former third round pick who spent most of last season on the practice squad.

Michael Johnson made his return to the field on Thursday. He’d missed all but the first training camp practice with an undisclosed injury.

T.J. Johnson is dealing with an unknown injury while safety Derron Smith is battling back from an ankle injury and George Iloka from a knee injury.

Brandon Wilson and Cedric Peerman remain on the Non-Football Injury list. Tony McRae and Chris Brown got banged up in practice earlier this week and are rehabbing undisclosed injuries, too.

It is encouraging that Iloka is already on the rehab field!

Defensive linemen drills:

It’s nice to hear Carlos Dunlap was helping coach up Andrew Billings. The Bengals’ veteran defensive end can certainly impart some wisdom on the young anticipated starter.

This probably isn’t what you want to hear...

On the flip side, this is nice to hear!

This is an interesting observation about the Bengals’ rookie lineman.

Boom Williams made a few nice plays today:

Geno Atkins being dominant isn’t too newsworthy, but it’s still a fun reminder of what’s to come (once again) from him this year.

Adam Jones is continuing to get burned, which is becoming a trend at training camp.

Darqueze Dennard was also beat by A.J. Green, but who doesn’t get beat by Green?

Carl Lawson got into a bit of a scuffle today as someone ripped off his helmet. Marvin Lewis yelled at him to move it along and it ended there.

Note: there’s no video, since the Bengals stopped allowing the media to take video in offensive vs defensive drills during training camp.

Some good news on the kicking front as both kickers made their field goals today:

Lawson certainly is making noise.

Even if it’s against backups.

More of Green exposing the secondary.

And then they had some fun...

Tyler Eifert made some nice plays today.

Overall, there were a lot of nice plays made by both the offense and the defense and though the Mixon situation was briefly scary, it seems he’ll be back on-the-field in no time.