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NFL Preseason 2017 Week 4: Bengals at Colts

We could be lemons, we could be tigers, running here and running there

It is the last preseason game and many think that it is pointless and should be cut out from the preseason altogether. A different view is that it gives men, whose dreams have always been to be apart of an NFL organization, to prove their value as an NFL backup. Sure, it is a random and meaningless game, but at least some of our starters get time to rest before the real thing begins, and we get to see a little more from those who do not have a roster spot locked up.

The Bengals take on the Colts at 7:00 p.m. in Indianapolis, Indiana at Lucas Oil Stadium for the annual fourth preseason matchup against one another. The Bengals hold the better record in this head-to-head, preseason matchup; not that it matters.

Who is the person you are most looking forward to seeing play? Do you think they give John Ross a little more action for this game? He says he wants and needs it. Will McCarron see the most action or will we get another good helping of Jeff Driskel? Perhaps we see some more of Andrew Billings and he shows us some more than he has so far? There’s no reason to panic by some of the performances we have seen from guys, by the way.

Every team plays tonight and then we see roster cuts ahead. What is your prediction for the roster? Who do you think the last to get cut are?

Tell us your thoughts, Bengals fans. Let the discussion begin!