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NFL Week 1: Bengals fans pelt Andy Dalton, call for Carson Palmer after loss to Ravens

The Bengals disappointed the entire fanbase against the Ravens, but things got real ugly as Andy Dalton was walking off the field.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Dalton didn’t play well on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.

The population of Paul Brown Stadium wasn’t given much to be happy about for the season opener, and some frustrated fans took it out on the franchise’s quarterback.

Following the Cincinnati Bengals’ 20-0 loss, Dalton was running back into the tunnel towards the home locker room.

Before Dalton could make it off the field, some disgruntled fans were hurling both insults and merchandise at the seventh-year pro.

There’s no question that this loss was both frustrating and humiliating, and all Bengals fans have a right to be upset. That said, this is some incredibly childish behavior that shouldn’t be tolerated.

The “I want Carson back” quote was perhaps my favorite, because I’m sure that fan wasn’t aware that Carson Palmer himself was lobbing three interceptions in a 35-23 loss to the Detroit Lions in which he looked every bit as bad as Andy.

Be careful what you wish for folks. People booed Carson out of Cincinnati in 2010, and now Dalton just one game into 2017. I look forward to 2024 when this same fan will be booing our quarterback and saying they want Dalton back.