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Madden NFL 2018 simulation for Bengals vs Texans in Week 2

We simulate the Bengals’ matchup against the Texans

Bengals vs Texans highlights

With a rough loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, not only for the Cincinnati Bengals season, but also for our Madden simulation series after a big win was predicted for the Bengals.

The Ravens’ offense was not particularly potent in the passing game, although the Bengals still failed to stop receiving backs and short passes overall. After the Ravens went up early, the Bengals were unable to stop their run game often allowing them to grind away the clock.

Hopefully, this week is a little bit closer, although Madden is predicting quite a high scoring game with these two teams both having terrible offensive lines. Also, a quick disclaimer; the game wouldn’t let me take out Will Fuller or C.J. Fiedorowicz for some reason, so they both played.

Early on in the game, the Texans offense is extremely slow and methodical and they move the ball down the field into the red zone eating up a ton of clock. With 0:36 seconds in the first quarter, the Texans are in the redzone trying to score. The Bengals defense isn’t having any of it. however. and they tip a pass that is eventually picked off by George Iloka.

The Bengals get the ball at the 20-yard line and start to move down the field. Dalton is looking sharp and the team is moving well. The last play of the first quarter the ball is handed off to Jeremy Hill and the offensive line opens up just enough of a hole for him to squeeze through and run for a touchdown.

Jeremy Hill Touchdown

The Texans once again have a long slow methodical drive and this time are in the red zone with a little over four minutes left in the half. This time however, the defense breaks and the Texans get a touchdown on an out route to C.J. Fiedorowicz. Making the extra point ties the game up at 7-7.

Fiedorowicz touchdown

The Bengals get the ball left trying to retake the lead. The drive starts well, but stalls after the Texans manage to sack Dalton. The Bengals are forced to punt with a little over a minute left. The Texans receive the ball and start their drive. The Texans quickly move the ball down the field with chunk plays and are in the red zone with 16 seconds left. With all day in the pocket eventually Will Fuller finds his way open and Watson hits him for a touchdown. With the extra point hit, the Texans go up 14-7 going into the half.

After the half, the Texans start with the ball, but that doesn’t last long as they very quickly throw an interception. Deshaun Watson throws it right to Kevin Minter, who takes it back a short distance before being taken down. The Bengals drive the ball very quickly down the field and throw a touchdown pass to Tyler Kroft to tie up the game.

Minter interception

The Bengals kick the ball off to the Texans after a very small amount of time elapsing off the third quarter clock. After sacking Watson, the Texans drive stalls. The Texans punt and the Bengals get the ball with decent field position. The Bengals drive also stalls after a sack, but the Bengals stay within field goal range and make the field goal to get the win.

The Bengals kick off again to the Texans and the Texans get a good drive going. The Bengals don’t seem to have much of an answer for them. Finally, the Bengals seem to be slowing them down. Then however due to a busted coverage Will Fuller breaks free and scores a touchdown on the Bengals, putting them up 21-17.

Will Fuller touchdown

The Bengals receive the ball and through a big catch from A.J. Green pull within field-goal range. Then the offensive line gets beaten on consecutive run plays and Green drops a touchdown in the end zone, and the Bengals have to settle for a field goal bringing them within one.

The Bengals kick off to the Texans and very quickly shut them down. The Texans did not get down the field before they had to punt due to the constant pressure. The Bengals receive the punt on the other end of the field and have a long way to go for a touchdown.

They march all the way down the field and score on a throw to Green with slightly more than two minutes left. They go for two, but fail to get it, keeping the Texans within five points instead of seven.

Green touchdown

The Texans get the ball with back with under two minutes to go and at first it seems like they are very poorly planning for the two minute drill. They barely get over the 50-yard line with just 30 seconds left. It looks like the Bengals are going to stop them getting them to a 3rd and 5.

However Watson with a clean pocket is able to hit DeAndre Hopkins with thirty seven seconds left for a touchdown. The Texans go for 2 and get it.

Deandre Hopkins touchdown

With the Bengals down three getting the ball with 30 seconds left, it is not looking good for them. But somehow, the Bengals march down the field. and with 15 seconds left, get into the redzone. They throw the ball to A.J. Green in the endzone, but he cannot hang onto it forcing them to kick a field goal. This ties the score up, and we are going into overtime. The Texans win the toss and receive the ball.

The Bengals defense starts off poorly giving up consecutive first downs in overtime. The Texans get to the 50-yard line and look poised to score. However, with a couple of big stops, the Texans are forced to punt.

The Bengals receive the ball and start to march down the field. The Bengals get to the 25-yard line and call a pass play on 3rd down. Cedric Ogbuehi gets immediately eaten resulting in Dalton taking a 10-yard sack.

Now, an easy 40-yard field goal has turned into a daunting nearly 55 yarder. Bullock goes out there for the kick… and drains it right through the uprights with leg to spare.

Final score: 32-29 and a Bengals W