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NFL Week 2 2017: Bengals vs Texans Pregame

Till that wonderful, wonderful Thursday, we weren’t strangers anymore. WHO DEY!

Sunday is gone and Thursday is now here. In the past, we had reason to fear Thursday nights, but we are no longer strangers to it. We know what it holds for us. We know that it will bring about a rugged, knock-down, drag-out fight. This time, though, we smell a victory. We welcome the panicked rookie QB into our Jungle.

The Bengals take on the Texans tonight at 8:25 p.m. ET in Cincinnati, Ohio at Paul Brown Stadium.

Gain some composure if you need to, it is only week two. We want to hear your thoughts on the upcoming game tonight. Who do you want to step up, who should improve from last week? The most obvious answer is Andy Dalton, but aside from him. Unload your thoughts and desires, Bengals fans. Leave the pity party at the door and get ramped up for the game!

Let the discussion begin, WHO DEY!