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NFL Week 2 2017: Bengals vs Texans First Half

Monday blues, Tuesday too, Wednesday bleak, Thursday Night Football? Neat!

After a short week and a drubbing on Sunday by a division rival, there is only one thing to expect and hope for from our Bengals tonight, a pissed off, well-oiled machine who is ready to steam roll the Texans and their rookie QB, Deshaun Watson. The defense needs to come out in attack mode and the offense needs to come out and pick the Texans apart.

The first half is soon to begin and we need you, Bengals fans, to fill this place with rowdy and joyful shouting (on your keyboard). Be respectful, love your fellow brother and sister fans, and flag anything that is against the CincyJungle guidelines. Let’s continue to be the best community on SB Nation and become the most loyal fan base.

Let the discussion continue!