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Marvin Lewis faced a “near mutiny” with Bengals after loss to Texans

Marvin Lewis is becoming the Principal Skinner of this team.

The Simpsons, obviously.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news since the Cincinnati Bengals’ latest loss, you won’t be surprised to hear Marvin Lewis is losing control of his team.

In the span of 24 hours, we’ve seen Adam Jones call out the offense, Dre Kirkpatrick say “we suck,” players claim they lost to the NFL’s “worst team” on Thursday, and Carlos Dunlap do a PowerPoint on complacency.

Cue ThisIsFine.gif

Oh, and there was almost a mutiny, according to Pro Football Talk.

After two home games only four days apart and zero touchdowns and nine total points scored, Lewis was facing a “near mutiny,” a league source tells PFT. The normally quiet A.J. Green publicly sounded off, and plenty of other players had plenty of pointed things to say privately, we’re told.

Offensive coordinator Ken Zampese was the sacrificial lamb to walk the plank in this instance, but that’s just a Band-Aid on deeper issues within this franchise.

Sure, Bill Lazor could provide a spark to the offense and get this team back to being respectable, but he can only do so much with arguably the NFL’s worst offensive line, a quarterback who’s regressing (from being an above-average, one-read passer), and seemingly no impact by the highly-touted offensive rookies expected to play major roles in 2017.

Might as well sit back and enjoy the show. We’ve got 15 more weeks of it.

Who Dey!