So who is HC of Bengals in 2018?

More than ever there seems to be the sense that this is it for Marvin... last year of his contract for first time since 2010. A disappointing 2016, and a bad start to 2017. I also hear Boomer Esiason sound convinced Marvin will retire at season's end.... I have always been a fan of Marvin, since he has restored credibility to the Bengals, and has made them a playoff factor most years.... but no doubt if this season continues the way it has started, it is time for him to go... even a 9-10 win season, I still would think it is time for a change and a new voice... one guy can just not stay in one place this long, unless you wear a hoodie and coach in Foxboro.

So who will it be... I am curious about people's ideas and wishes... my list of potential names,

1. Paul Guenther, DC, Bengals... This would be the easy hire, since he is already in the building. Not sure if it is the correct hire, but he seems to be a good coach who is popular with the Bengals defensive guys. He also appears on most lists of future NFL coaches.

2. Jon Gruden- MNF booth,.. There are rumors he wants to come back and coach, and he does have Ohio ties. Not sure if he will ever coach again. The downside of Gruden is that he would probably want full control of decisions, and his management of the Tampa Bay roster left a lot to be desired... but he does have a great offensive mind, and has won a Super Bowl. Seems unlikely but still will put this on here.

3. Josh McDaniels, NE OC... The hottest coaching name out there, just waiting to pick his spot. Probably would not pick Bengals in my opinion.

4 Matt Patricia.. NE DC... Another hot name will likely be a head coach soon.

5. Teryl Austin, Detroit DC.... Heavily interviewed coach the last 3 seasons. Seems to have all the qualities of someone who will break through soon.

6. Jim Bob Cooter... Detroit OC... Young offensive mind, real young, 33... and a great name.

7. Old retreads... Mike Smith, Jim Shwartz, Steve Spagnola? No thanks on these guys, although Schwartz might be okay.

8. Other ideas? Please list.

9, Marvin Lewis...... Head coach of Bengals Emeritus

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