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Poll: Bill Lazor the right choice for Bengals’ offensive coordinator?

The Bengals have promoted QB coach Bill Lazor to offensive coordinator. Did they make the right call?

Seattle Seahawks 2008 Headshots Photo by Getty Images

After two humiliating losses in which the Cincinnati Bengals’ offense scored a combined total of nine points and zero touchdowns, they decided to part ways with their offensive coordinator Ken Zampese.

The Bengals had to change something on offense in order to get the ball rolling (pun intended). Since Zampese replaced Hue Jackson as OC, the Bengals offense has definitely slowed down. This season the offense has been so lacking that something had to be done. The Bengals are hoping that moving on from Zampese will help maximize Andy Dalton’s potential along the rest of the offense.

The current quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor will now step into the OC role. Lazor has served as an offensive coordinator in the past both in the NCAA and in the NFL. Everywhere he has been, he has had reasonable success, especially with Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins.

The timing was now or never for the Bengals, since they have 10 days to make new adjustments. Lambeau looms in the horizon as the Bengals take on the Packers in Week 3. The Packers pass defense has been ravaged with injuries in recent years. Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, Tyler Eifert, and the passing offense is going to have to step up in a big way. Hopefully the will be able to under Lazor’s new offense.

Did the Bengals choose the right replacement for Zampese?


Did the Bengals choose the right man for the new OC job?

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  • 25%
    Yes, Bill Lazor will take us to the Superbowl
    (330 votes)
  • 0%
    No, Ken Zampese was doing fine
    (12 votes)
  • 56%
    No, the Bengals should have found someone from outside the club
    (738 votes)
  • 17%
    Other (please explain in comments)
    (237 votes)
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