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NFL Week 3: Bengals at Packers Madden 18 simulation

We simulated Bengals vs Packers in Madden 18 to try and guess the victor. We might not be able to see into the future, but can Madden?

Highlights of Bengals vs Packers

The Bengals certainly did not want to start out the season by losing two consecutive home games. There was a lot of concern about the offensive line going into the season and those fears have come to life. The offensive line has damaged the run game and allowed constant pressure on quarterback Andy Dalton. Hopefully with a new offensive coordinator, the Bengals can start to plan around the offensive line more. It would also be nice to see Ross and Mixon get the featured roles they should have had since Week 1.

Madden predicted two wins for the Bengals the first two weeks and is 0-2 so far, let’s see if that holds true this week. The Bengals are taking on the Packers on Sunday and we simulated the game on Madden to see what the video game is expecting to happen in Green Bay.

The Packers start off with the ball and the Bengals kick off to them. Unfortunately on the first play of the game the Bengals give up a 74 yard run to Ty Montgomery. Montgomery is finally stopped on the 1-yard line by Shawn Williams. The Bengals make a valiant effort to stop them at the goal line, but Jamaal Williams gets into the end zone to put the Packers on the board.

Jamaaal Williams after scoring a touchdown

The Bengals receive the kickoff and the drive gets off to a poor start allowing a sack on the first play. However, they are able to convert and start to march down the field. Finally when they get close to the end zone, Dalton hits John Ross wide open for a touchdown on a corner route, tying the game up at 7 a piece.

John Ross catches the corner route touchdown

On the next Packers drive, the Bengals defense was finally able to lock down the Packers’ wide receivers. The Bengals get a sack and force a punt. After the Bengals get the ball back, they are able to establish the ground game and move down the field well. When they get near midfield however, Jeremy Hill fumbles and the Packers recover. The Packers quickly move the ball down the field and Martellus Bennett takes the ball into the end zone. The Packers take the lead, 14-7.

Martellus Bennett catching a touchdown

The Bengals receive the ball with a little more than three minutes left in the half. They move the ball down the field a bit before Dalton throws a pick right before the two minute warning to Quentin Rollins. The Packers get to their end zone and before we know it Lance Kendricks is catching a touchdown. The Packers take a lead of 21-7 into the half as the Bengals fail to do anything after receiving the ball.

Lance Kendricks catching a touchdown

Green Bay receives the ball at the half and that starts a long period of inept offenses. There are four quick three and outs or close to it by each team before Green Bay gets the ball again. After Green Bay receives the ball again they have a long sustained drive. At the end of the drive, Rodgers hits Nelson for a touchdown from the goal line. The Packers secure a 28-7 lead going into the fourth.

Jordy Nelson catching an easy touchdown

The Bengals receive the ball to start the fourth quarter and start a long sustained drive to try and put more points on the board. However, as the Bengals get close Dalton throws another interception. The Packers salt away the remainder of the time with the run game and lose 28-7.

At least they would’ve finally scored a touchdown.

Well, Madden is 0-2 so far going into Week 3, after this week I hope it ends up being 0-3. Hopefully, Bill Lazor revitalizes the offense and we finally see the high powered attack we were hoping for. I am looking for big games from Green and Mixon against the Packers for the Bengals to be victorious.