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Poll: What should be the Bengals’ next big change on offense?

Something clearly needs to change with the Bengals offense. With offensive coordinator Ken Zampese gone, who is next in line?

Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals’ offense has looked absolutely dead the past two weeks. A big reason for that seems to be the putrid state of the offensive line, but the finger of blame could be pointed virtually anywhere.

What is the next big change that needs to happen before things can improve?

Reconfigure the offensive line

The offensive line has already allowed Dalton to be sacked eight times in the last two games. They are also supporting a running game that has yet to record 100 yards in a game this season. It isn’t a huge surprise to see the unit struggle with new faces at left tackle, right tackle, and right guard.

But, the performance so far has been unacceptable. How can we expect Dalton or the running backs to put together an effective offensive attack when their blocking is so atrocious?

Veteran lineman Andre Smith has yet to even play this season. Even though his play has deteriorated in recent years, he probably is better than at least one of the current starting linemen, if not more.

Replace Andy Dalton

Some would argue replacing a 29-year-old quarterback who has already recorded 22,608 yards, 142 touchdowns, and 85 interceptions in his career is a bit short-sighted, especially after two games.

But, his five-turnover performance in Week 1 and ineffective performance in Week 2 really irks the ‘what have you done for me lately’ crowd. His ability to find receivers in the end zone has been a consistent issue since last year, so perhaps a fresh arm like AJ McCarron could inject some life into an otherwise lifeless offense.

The problem is, once you bench the starting quarterback, it could destroy his confidence, meaning you can’t take it back. If you bench Dalton, you better be prepared to move on.

Fire another coach

With the firing of Ken Zampese, the Bengals made the biggest move on the coaching staff they could have made in relation to the offense, other than Marvin Lewis. However, coaches like Paul Alexander, Kyle Caskey, Jonathan Hayes, and James Urban all oversee individual struggling offensive units. Firing an assistant coach would be a much more concentrated statement than firing the offensive coordinator.

What do you think, Bengals fans? What should the Bengals next move to fix the offense be?


What should be the Bengals’ next big change on offense?

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  • 21%
    Replace Andy Dalton
    (246 votes)
  • 51%
    Reconfigure the offensive line
    (599 votes)
  • 14%
    Fire another coach
    (164 votes)
  • 13%
    Something else (answer in the comments)
    (154 votes)
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