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NFL Week 3 2017: Bengals at Packers Pregame

Packaged cheese going to get ate up today

The Bengals don’t play against the Packers until later today after the first games are over, but while those games are happening - games that can be discussed as well like Ravens vs Jaguars game in London or the Steelers at Bears or even the Browns at Colts - while those are happening tell us how you feel about todays game.

The Bengals take on the Packers at 4:25 p.m. ET in Green Bay, Wisconsin at Lambeau Field.

Though we have seen a myriad of issues from the Bengals so far this season and though many of you may have given up already, it is implored to not give up just yet. Especially today because of how many Packers will probably be out because of injury. Sure we have a couple as well, but the impact may be felt much more on the pack side of things. Will we see A.J. Green have a huge game? Can Bill Lazor improve the offense in one week? There really is still a bright side so let’s find it fellow Bengal fans!

Let the daggum-WHO DEY discussion begin!