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NFL Week 3 2017: Bengals at Packers First Half

All our bags are packed, ready to leave our losses behind us, and head to the winner’s circle

The time has come, the train has arrived, and we are all ready to enter into a new chapter of the season. That all started with the firing of Ken Zampese and promoting of Bill Lazor. The hope for us all is that now the offense will begin to run a bit smoother and the firepower will begin to shine the way we know they can and should.

It has been a rough start, but today, that all gets put behind us. The Bengals know it, they feel it, but do you? Hop on board, leave your woes behind because that Bengals train is no longer going to stop until we taste victory.

The Packers won’t know what hit them and after this day it will no longer be the Bengals who have a detrimental season to worry about, but the Packers and all the future opponents ahead of us! WHO DEY!

Let the discussion continue!