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Video: Immediate reactions to Bengals’ loss to Packers

The Bengals lost in inexplicable fashion against the Packers to fall to 0-3. We went on Facebook live to talk about what transpired

Bengals lose to Packers in overtime, 27-24.

Posted by Cincy Jungle on Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Cincinnati Bengals lost to one of the NFL’s elite teams, as they fell to Green Bay, 27-24 in overtime. There are more questions than answers in The Queen City, as the Bengals are looking at an 0-3 start.

In the rare occasion that the offense looks good, the defense and special teams seems to take a terribly-timed siesta. Such was the case at Lambeau Field, where Cincinnati’s offense finally decided to make some plays, though a missed field goal and a lack of stopping Aaron Rodgers’ offense at critical times spelled doom for the Bengals.

If this had been a 2-0 Bengals team going into Sunday, we’d feel great about them going forward. But the 0-2 start made it hard to feel good about anything after Cincinnati fell in Green Bay.

What does an 0-3 start mean for the Bengals in 2017? Should we expect more of the same, even though there were signs of improvement? We took to Facebook live to answer these and other questions.

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