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Social media reactions to Bengals hiring Frank Pollack as offensive line coach

The Bengals have made their fans happy... finally!

Eleven days into 2018, something has FINALLY given Bengals fans some life and made them excited.

The Bengals have hired Frank Pollack to be offensive line coach.

(I’ll wait while you jump up and down in excitement.)

The general reaction has been delight for Bengals fans who have suffered through two bad years of offensive line play under Paul Alexander. Alexander is considered to be among the league’s best offensive line coaches, but something went awry the last two seasons and the Bengals’ line has suffered dramatically as a result.

And now, the Bengals have brought in another coach who has coached up one of the league’s best offensive lines year after year. Pollack was part of a firing spree in Dallas after a down year for the Cowboys, but that shouldn’t make you worried about this hire. The Cowboys’ offensive line is proven as is Pollack as an offensive line coach.

Here’s a look at Bengals fans reacting to the news following the hire being made official.

My first reaction was an all caps “HELL YEAH” to the Cincy Jungle staff. What was yours? Share it in the comments below.