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Bengals adding assistant defensive line coach Matt Raich to coaching staff

Teryl Austin is bringing at least of his former colleagues along with him to the Bengals.

Detroit Lions v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

The Cincinnati Bengals have added another coach from the Detroit Lions.

After hiring defensive coordinator Teryl Austin last week, the Bengals are now set to hire assistant defensive line coach Matt Raich.

Raich had been with the Lions since 2014. He began his stint as a defensive quality control coach, then was promoted to the title of defensive assistant/defensive ends coach in 2015. He was then named assistant defensive line coach in 2016, a role he has held for the past two seasons.

With the help of Raich, he aided in the development of Ezekiel Ansah into one of the NFL’s best pass-rushers. He’s also helped develop unknown lineman into quality pass-rushers, including Kerry Hyder, an undrafted journeyman who racked up eight sacks in 2016.

It’s unclear if assistant defensive line coach is the same title Raich will hold in Cincinnati, but regardless, it’s good to have another one of Austin’s defensive coaches on staff. That will help make this an easier transition for the Bengals into Austin’s system now that they have multiple coaches helping with the transition.