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Watch: The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast, 1/17 live stream

It’s a listener-driven episode this week, as we take your questions on the air. We also continue our series on how to fix the Bengals in 2018. Join us!

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Some teams are entering the biggest time of the year, in various forms, while others are taking a short break before the slew of college showcase games and the NFL Combine. The Cincinnati Bengals have been busier than usual so far in 2018 and not in the form of playoff games, but in re-staffing their coaching ranks.

On this week’s episode, we run through the recent happenings with the club, as well as continue our series on how to fix the Bengals in 2018. Should they be attempting to closely emulate some of the NFL’s elite teams?

We also want this to be a heavy listener question episode, so send them to us here in the comments, or in the live YouTube chat with other Bengals fans. Thanks for joining us!

If you’re unable to join us live, all Orange and Black Insider content is here on Cincy Jungle, as well as on our SoundCloud and YouTube channels, and on iTunes! You can tweet us @BengalsOBI or get in touch with us via email at Thanks for listening!