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If not now, when? Is Marvin Lewis going to coach the Bengals until he dies?

You’re kidding right? I’m sleeping. This is a dream.

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images
Marvin Lewis returning to Bengals as head coach in 2018.

Marvin Lewis returning to Bengals as head coach in 2018.

Posted by Cincy Jungle on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

You guys, someone pinch me. I must be sleeping.

The Bengals didn’t actually just re-sign Marvin Lewis to a two-year contract extension to remain the team’s head coach through 2019.

Wait, they did?

No.... really....


They did.

The Bengals continue to prove that a mediocre team is ay-ok with this franchise and back-to-back losing seasons are acceptable. Bengals owner Mike Brown also believes 15 years and zero playoff wins is all good and dandy and enough to give his head coach a two year contract extension.

So, if a 7-9 season which came after a 6-9-1 season is not enough to get Marvin Lewis fired, what is? And in this case, Lewis didn’t even need to be fired. His contract was up. He just needed to not be re-signed or extended.

Zero playoff wins.

15 seasons as head coach.

The second longest head coaching tenure in the NFL with the above two remaining true.

Back to back losing seasons.

If this isn’t enough for the Bengals to part ways with Marvin Lewis, I’m not sure what is.

Maybe he’ll just be coaching the Bengals until he dies. Hopefully, they’ll get a playoff win in that span.