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The Orange and Black Insider Bengals podcast: Obsessive strategies

On this week’s episode, we talk about another step in the process of how the Bengals need to fix themselves in 2018 and answer listener questions surrounding the draft and other offseason approaches.

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The Cincinnati Bengals have essentially rounded out their coaching staff for 2018, with some notable changes. Since they aren’t in the postseason, they (and we) are focused now on the series of bowl games that highlight prospects, as well as free agency’s start in March.

Given the recent status with the club, we addressed some of the recent happenings and talked about what we should expect with the Bengals in the coming months on the most recent episode of The Orange and Black Insider. These are some of the topics we touched on this week:

  • Should the Bengals be obsessed with constructing a roster capable of consistently beating the Steelers? Or, should they stay the course and keep attempting to fill out the roster the same way they have in recent years?
  • What are some of the names of prospects we should familiarize ourselves with this spring and which positions should be of the highest priority in the draft?
  • If AJ McCarron wins his arbitration for his status to be an unrestricted free agent and leaves Cincinnati, will the Bengals make drafting a quarterback a high priority this year?
  • If there is truly going to be change this offseason, Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis need to be willing to do more in free agency and be flexible in possibly dealing some of their four expected compensatory picks.

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