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Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh may have kids attending LSU together

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One of the best receiving duos in Bengals history could see their kids attending the same college.

New England Patriots v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Most of you probably remember the good ol’ days of Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh catching passes from Carson Palmer as they dominated the NFL.

The two receivers were brought in via the 2001 NFL Draft, and around 2004, they became one of the league’s best receiver duos. Johnson stole most of the thunder with his celebrations, but Houshmandzadeh was a vital possession receiver the team needed to be one of the best offenses of their time.

Now, the duo will have a chance to link up again. Well, at least their kids will. Houshmandzadeh’s daughter is a high school senior set to attend LSU next year as a member of their softball team. Johnson’s son is officially being recruited by LSU for the same position his father played.

The idea of that makes my bones feel just a little older, but even though neither of these receivers have played for the Bengals in years, they are still huge parts of our memories of the team, especially for those who were around to watch them.

It is great to see their kids could be reuniting them again soon. It is also just great to see their kids are doing so well for themselves. Houshmandzadeh was most recently in Bengals news when he offered to help train John Ross during the offseason.

He said he could help make the young receiver “unguardable” in the NFL, which was welcome news to Bengals fans and Ross himself. Ross replied to Houshmandzadeh on Twitter saying they were going to “get right.”

It is hard to say when Johnson isn’t in the news anymore. The former Bengals receiver has done a great job of staying in the news from time to time. He was always a savvy individual who knows how to get into the news when he wants to, and he understands the power of his words. Most recently, he popped up at the Browns’ training camp as a guest coach for Hue Jackson.

Johnson’s son won’t be graduating high school until 2020 as Bengals fans keep an eye out for the second generation of Johnson in the NFL. The Bengals have selected a few players from LSU during the Marvin Lewis era, so we can keep that pipe dream of Johnson’s son coming in to take over the next era of Bengals football.