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Preston Brown makes the case for Bills to trade for Bengals’ Andy Dalton

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No, this won’t happen, but perhaps the Bills could be a suitor for AJ McCarron.

NFL: OCT 08 Bills at Bengals Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s the offseason, so of course, now is when we’ll here all sorts of crazy ideas for the Bengals and their quarterback situation.

We’ve already heard about Chris Sims laughably predicting AJ McCarron to be the Bengals’ starter at some point in 2018. Now, Bills linebacker Preston Brown is making the case for Andy Dalton to land in Buffalo.

The Bills have seemingly been in the market for a quarterback ever since Jim Kelly retired in 1996. They’ve rarely had the same starter for more than two seasons, though they do have Tyrod Taylor under contract through 2021.

But Taylor has been wildly inconsistent throughout his career, so much that he was actually benched briefly this past season in favor of Nathan Peterman.

Taylor has started 29 games over the last two seasons, but the belief is Buffalo will at least consider an upgrade at this position in 2018.

For all of his struggles, Dalton would probably be an upgrade, though it’s one that has virtually no shot at happening for the Bills. The Bengals aren’t trading Dalton, but perhaps the Bills would be interested in McCarron.

After all, McCarron will either be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, or he’ll be a restricted free agent that the Bengals work very hard to trade.

As for Taylor, the Bills could look to cut him this offseason and save around $15 million if he’s designated as a post-June 1 cut.

It’s hard to imagine McCarron will be making anywhere near that in 2018, so the Bills may take a shot on him rather than keeping Taylor.

Obviously, this is all pure speculation, but it makes sense for the Bills to at least entertain the thought of McCarron as their starting quarterback. The thought of Dalton being that isn’t even worth entertaining.